This is slavery, not to speak one’s thought.

- Euripides

Bring Freedom of Speech back to Youtube.

a Browser Extension that enables comments on Youtube videos that the owner or Youtube has disabled the feature. Our philosophy is that if a person or an organization distributes their content to the public through platforms such as Youtube, disabling comments is an act of oppression.

# How it works

Kament intelligently detects whether the comment section for a Youtube video is disabled, if so the extension activates itself and injects a comment section in place of the original Youtube's comment box. If you are using the Kament extension and logged in via your Google Account you will be able to place comments and read the comments from other Kament users under the video. All you have to do is to download the Kament extension from your browser's extension/addon store.

Download Kament

Add Kament directly into your favorite browser with browser extensions for a seamless browsing experience.

Chrome Web Store Add-ons for Firefox

We're working on making Kament available for other platforms.

# Privacy Policy

Kament cares about privacy of your data and is commited to protect it. This Privacy Policy explains what information are collected and why are they collected. We hope you read it carefully.

What Information Do We Collect?

Kament collects minimum personal information about its users. The only information collected from you is your email address, your name, and your profile photo. Kament uses Google Sign-in to identify the users, to abuse of our platform we collect this information to ensure the comments posted to the Kament platform are made via legit Google accounts.

Kament Does not Access your Browsing Data.

Kament does not in any way access your browsing data, nor aggregates the data regarding Youtube videos you watch.

Youtube Videos

Kament does not activate on Youtube videos which have commenting enabled. Our extension detects if the commenting features on a video are disabled by Owner/Youtube and then injects the commening platform to allow discussions on the Topic